Wichtige Mitteilung

Wichtige Mitteilung

Liebe Kundinnen und Kunden, sehr viele Modelle sind in den letzten Tagen aus dem Sortiment von Madame Pivot genommen. Ich habe heute meinen Shop entsprechend aktualisiert. Eine  Fabrik, die für Mad...
Die Schuhsohlen

Die Schuhsohlen

Sie können Ihren Madame und Monsieur Pivot mit verschiedenen Sohlentypen bestellen: Ledersohle für jeden Bodentyp geeignet, solange er nicht zu rutschig ist, perfekt zum Tanzen drinnen und ...
Ware-Rücksendungen sicher verpacken!

Ware-Rücksendungen sicher verpacken!

Die Versandtaschen, die ich verwende, haben einen zweiten Klebestreifen.  Auch wenn ich Plastik nicht mag, ist dies die einzige bezahlbare Möglichkeit, die ich bisher für den Schuhversand gefun...
Die Passform bei den Schuhen mit 5 cm Absatz

Die Passform bei den Schuhen mit 5 cm Absatz

Was bei der Bestellung von Schuhen mit 5 cm Absatz zu beachten ist.
Das Loch im Riemen

The hole in the strap

It is not uncommon to need additional holes in the straps. I'll show you what tools I work with. Since I love tools and want to enjoy them for a long time, I always look for high-quality products a...
Die richtige Schuhgröße bestimmen.

Determine the correct shoe size.

I have created a little guide for you to determine the required shoe size for Madame and Monsieur Pivot tango shoes. If you get stuck with the narrow shape or the wide shape, you can contact me. Th...
Absatz 5 cm-Neue Varianten ab November 2023!
Bequeme Brautschuhe

Heel 5 cm - New versions from November 2023!

To our great delight, Madame Pivot has expanded the range to include models with 5 cm heels. Rallies, Cherie, Gioia and Sophie are available in four widths. You can also choose between smooth leat...
Lieferzeiten bei MADAME PIVOT


In recent months, delivery times for Madame Pivot shoes have increased significantly. MP had assured me that all my older orders would be delivered by the beginning of March. Unfortun...
Madame Pivot-Tanzschuhe made in Italy

Madame Pivot dance shoes made in Italy

In 2007, two tango dancer friends from Florence came up with the brilliant idea of ​​producing tango shoes. Ideal conditions for sustainable local production and precise knowledge of the needs of ...
Neue Trainingsschuhe für Damen

New training shoes for women

We've waited a long time for feminine training shoes for tango dancers. A new model from Madame Pivot is here: Francine. Just as the design of the Derbies is reminiscent of the Derbies for men, t...
10 Jahre Bandoneón

10 years of bandoneon

We would like to celebrate our 10th birthday with you in a big way. Bandoneón has never had an event like this before! From November 1st to November 17th, 2022 there will be a new product ...
Berlin, wir kommen!

Berlin, here we come!

Cooperation with Mava Lou, Berlin A beautiful selection of MADAME PIVOT tango shoes from our inventory will be exhibited in Berlin at Mava Lou. Customers from Berlin now have the opportuni...
Apropos Riemen ...
Wusstest du?

Speaking of straps...

Some time ago, Madame Pivot decided to produce some models (*) with a longer strap so that Madame Pivot customers could decide whether they wanted to wear it double-crossed around the ankle or simp...


This summer, Madame Pivot has created a new line of women's shoes with a closed toe cap and leather sole. Elegant but also a little crazy. Like the summer sandals in the collection, the Jacqueli...
Komfort Tanzschuhe mit kleinem Absatz

Comfortable dance shoes with a small heel

For me, for you! From today you can order the Sophie and Cherie models in suede or smooth leather with the new 50 mm heel! These models, especially Sophie with the closed heel cap, are also suit...
Derbies, Trainingsschuhe für Damen
Flache Tanzschuhe


These closed, flat lace-up shoes are practical all-rounders and let you be the leading lady in every situation - with leather soles on the dance floor and with rubber soles in everyday life.
Sommer Sandalen mit Blockabsatz

Street collection

As dance enthusiasts, we dance across the dance floor - so why shouldn't we dance through the streets too? It's lucky that Madame Pivot is finally providing us with the perfect companions for ever...
Flache Tanzschuhe

Comfort sneakers made in Italy

“ You can never choose your shoes carefully enough.” Christian Dior Unfortunately, it is not known whether Mr. Dior was referring to the chic or the comfort of shoes when he made his stat...
Bequeme Tanzschuhe mit kleinem Absatz.

Dancing on clouds

Isn't it every dancer's dream to float across the dance floor with a beautiful pair of shoes that fits like a glove?
Vegan Schuhe

Vegan shoes

In keeping with the times, Madame Pivot has recently started producing a range of selected models in a vegan version, i.e. without the use of animal products.
Bequeme Brautschuhe

It's finally here - the long-awaited bridal collection from Madame Pivot!

Designed and manufactured in Italy, this collection combines the comfort, quality and elegance that Madame Pivot shoes are known and loved for. We can already hear the wedding bells rin...