Delivery times

How long to wait?

Available dance shoes will be shipped in 2-4 business days after payment is received.

The shoes we offer are handmade and made to order in Italy at three locations!

The stated production time for ordered shoes of around three to twelve weeks is intended to serve as a guide.

There has been a huge increase in orders in the last few months, which has significantly extended delivery times.

Neither I nor Madame Pivot can give our customers a binding delivery day because the manufacturers involved are not networked.

Please be patient, especially order on time. Our tango shoes are not mass-produced, so we ask you to carefully consider only ordering shoes that you think you want to keep.

Shoes that are produced unnecessarily pollute the environment and increase costs and delivery times enormously.

Buying online may be the only alternative for you, so let me advise you so that your shoe purchase will also be an experience.