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Dance shoes/tango shoes

From Tango Argentino in Italian shoes

When we opened Bandoneón in 2012, we started with a large selection of Argentinian tango shoes, which we soon added Italian dance shoes - the dance may be the Tango Argentino , but the Scarpe Italiane (in German: Italian shoes) are still very popular. Shortly after our debut, we focused on Italian dance shoes. This is not least due to their short delivery times, excellent quality and large selection - even for feet that have special requirements for a shoe. The direct, almost family-like exchange that we maintain with the manufacturers means that we can present you with models and variants that might otherwise be a little more difficult to find. We would be happy to advise you on narrow, wide or large sizes and work with you to find the perfect companion for your foot.

Bandoneón will close its doors on December 30, 2023.

From January 2024, Bandoneón will only be available as an online shop.

Our selection

A craft with tradition

At Bandoneón we carry the entire Madame Pivot range for men and women: Madame Pivot Basics, Madame Pivot Fashion, Monsieur Pivot, derbies, rallies, sneakers and the new street collection.

Madame Pivot produces its shoes entirely in Italy from high-quality leathers tanned in Italy. The shoes are produced in two locations with attention to detail.

Thanks to the great flexibility, also in terms of the available sizes (for women 33-43 and for men 38-48), you can find the perfect shoe for almost every foot.

Danceable emotion

Madame Pivot

People like to say that the tango is a danced emotion - perhaps especially when the footwear worn is named after one of the most legendary Argentine tangos: Madame Pivot. With Madame Pivot, the emotion is not just danceable - with Madame Pivot, our tangueros carry music on their feet in a figurative sense.