Das Loch im Riemen

The hole in the strap

It is not uncommon to need additional holes in the straps. I'll show you what tools I work with. Since I love tools and want to enjoy them for a long time, I always look for high-quality products and only buy them from specialist retailers. Unfortunately, there aren't necessarily any around the corner, but fortunately there are some very good online providers in Germany and neighboring countries. It's worth researching!
I am often asked how to make the holes in the straps.
Well, the hole punches you find in stores are designed for belts and are just way too big for shoelaces.
I purchased both hole punches and hole punches from various online stores. Here are three examples of hole punches that I have myself.
The holes must not be larger than 1 mm. You may need to check whether the 1mm hole punch is included in the set. Pay attention to original goods. The copies are destroyed in no time. I now own the original from Japan. Also make sure there is a reasonable distance between the existing and new holes
There are some online specialty stores that carry high-quality products.