Comfort sneakers made in Italy

You can never choose your shoes carefully enough.”

Christian Dior

Unfortunately, it is not known whether Mr. Dior was referring to the chic or the comfort of shoes when he made his statement. It's lucky that Schizzo's sneakers have both.

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For three decades, the Schizzo brand from northern Italy has been producing elegant, flexible and lightweight sneakers in a wide range of colors and materials. It's clear that Schizzo has been an integral part of our range from the very beginning.

Processing for the highest demands

Thanks to the different typologies, the Schizzo sneakers are suitable for all movements and surfaces, allowing you to concentrate entirely on the dance. Heel cushioning dynamically adapts to your weight, gait, dance-specific movements and different surfaces to give you greater energy return. 

The fact that the sneakers are available for men and women and in all possible colors makes Schizzo shoes popular for amateurs and professionals alike.

Online and in store

Schizzo sneakers for men and women are available in our online shop (link) and in our Düsseldorf showroom.

We would be happy to advise you personally and work with you to find the perfect shoe for your foot!