Lieferzeiten bei MADAME PIVOT


In recent months, delivery times for Madame Pivot shoes have increased significantly.
MP had assured me that all my older orders would be delivered by the beginning of March. Unfortunately, after returning from Argentina, I only received a small portion of the shoes I ordered.
The bitter truth is that this situation will not change, because more and more are being ordered, but Madame Pivot cannot make a new one Conjure up a production facility.
The average delivery time is currently approx. 10 weeks. Often longer for men's shoes.
Please be patient. The orders come in gradually and are sent to you immediately. Every order that is canceled means a loss of business for me. Because I don't get the fees charged to Pay Pal or those of the other payment providers back. In addition, my warehouse becomes full, often with shoe sizes that are difficult to sell. This ultimately leads to me having to increase sales prices.
My request to you: please only order shoes that you buy carefully. Find out about the different widths on my website beforehand and use the size table to determine the correct shoe size = length. Please contact me if you get stuck.