Shoe size-heel height-shape-sole

Madame Pivot shoes are produced in four different forms:


The sole of the shoe is long and narrow, particularly suitable for a Grecian shaped foot (where the second toe is longer than the others).


Is the most common shape, with a wide and comfortable sole to fit most foot types, especially an Egyptian-shaped foot (where the big toe is longer than the others).

FAR W (15)

This shape has an extra wide sole and is particularly suitable for wide and square feet.


As some of you may have already noticed, we have expanded the standard S (13), N (narrow/11) and W (wide/15) shapes with another option for slim but not particularly narrow feet that are more round than triangular are expanded.

The shoes with the new Flat (F) shape are manufactured in such a way that they reduce the volume in both the upper and ankle area compared to the S shape (13). Although the shape of the sole is the same as the standard shape, slender feet should have better grip. The flat shape can be ordered for all shoes with 70, 80 and 85 mm heels.

Please note that the size guide is only a rough guide for purchasing.

Typically, for most models you will need to order one size smaller than street shoes. With the models that are open at the back, many people wear the shoes in their street shoe size.

Please note that all leather shoes have give. Suede models always give more than patent leather, glitter or textile shoes. When the shoe has widened, you can stick on thin ball pads - especially for women's shoes - such as "Star heelz" from Tacco Footcare, which prevent the feet from slipping.

For wider feet and feet with hallux valgus, we recommend the Gioia, Dixie and Giada models.

Most Madame Pivot models are available with 5 different heel heights: 50 mm - 70 mm - 80 mm - 85 mm.

Models with 50 mm heels are currently only available in a few models and colors and only in the Standard and Wide shapes.

All Madame Pivot models are also available with a 105 mm heel height. We are happy to order these for you, but these orders are binding as these shoes cannot be found in our range. These are excluded from cancellation and exchange.

Monsieur Pivot shoes and sneakers have heels of 20 mm.

As standard, Madame Pivot women's shoes have a roughened leather sole. These shoes can also be ordered with the bison/suede sole, which is more flexible and offers better grip on the ground.

Monsieur Pivot shoes have a full-length, either suede or smooth leather sole. The sneakers have a split, soft, replaceable sole.

Please note that the soles of women's shoes are protected with a plastic film. Please only remove these if you are keeping the shoes. Shoes without this protective film cannot be exchanged.

Vegan shoes have a Tunit sole.

Care tips

The soles made of smooth leather are very durable and must not be roughened. To clean the suede soles, we recommend gently roughening them with a roughening brush to avoid damage.

The inner sole is the most sensitive part as it collects most of the dirt from the floor. We recommend that you clean them with a damp cloth every time after use. When the dirt dries, it is more difficult to clean the shoe and the sole may peel off.

Suede shoes can be cleaned with a special rubber brush. A wet cloth is certainly the best way to clean canvas shoes.

You can use a hair dryer to remove dust from glitter and velvet. Use a damp cloth to clean all delicate materials such as goatskin and other laminated leathers.

Thanks to continuous production in Italy, all manufacturing processes are carried out consistently in accordance with the strict EU manufacturing guidelines.

All materials used comply with the valid EU regulations.

Heel marks wear off over time. Wear depends on the way you dance, the floor you typically dance on, and the position of your foot within the shoe.

Each pair of Madame Pivot comes with replacement heel patches that should be changed before they wear out completely and to avoid damage to the heel itself and dance floor.

It is not recommended.

First of all, there is a metal pin inside the heel, which makes shortening it quite difficult. If this metal pin is shortened, you may not be able to mount a patch later.

The shoe is balanced at the heel level. If you shorten your heels, the shape of the shoe will be completely out of balance, the structure of the shoe will be damaged, and your foot will be forced into an incorrect position.


The right of return only applies to unworn, unwashed and flawless items from which the labels and protective film have not been removed.

We hope you are satisfied with your order. If this is not the case, you can cancel your contract within 14 days of delivery.

Please do not send any goods back to us without informing us first.

Costs resulting from non-delivery due to lack of notification or absence will be passed on to you.

If you would like to return an item, please let us know. Your right of return and cancellation expires 14 days after receipt of the goods.

Costs resulting from non-delivery due to lack of notification or absence will be passed on to you. The same applies to freight forwarded shipments.

If you would like an item in a different size, shape or color, please place a new order.

The customer bears the costs for all returns.

After we have received your return, we will inform you by email about the credit to be issued.

Please note: Refunds will be made using the same payment method as the purchase.

The refund will be made in the same currency as the purchase. The debited amount is always refunded to the buyer and card or account holder. If the return was purchased with a voucher, a new voucher will be issued.

Costs resulting from non-delivery due to lack of notification or absence will be passed on to you. The same applies to freight forwarded shipments.

(*) Customer-specific orders such as shoes with a 10.5 cm heel, which we do not have in our range and are produced for you, are excluded from cancellation, exchange and return.

If you have any questions, contact us!


You can also pay by bank transfer, among other things.

We ask for transfer within 2 working days. The goods will remain reserved for you during this time. We then reserve the right to release the goods for further sale. Any transfer costs and bank charges must be borne by the customer.

We will ship your order as soon as payment has been received in our account. Credits from returns will be credited back to the bank account from which the original order was paid.

Payments and refunds are billed in euros (EUR).


We would be happy to send you a gift voucher with the amount you require!

Please contact us by email.