10 Jahre Bandoneón

10 years of bandoneon

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We would like to celebrate our 10th birthday with you in a big way.

Bandoneón has never had an event like this before!

From November 1st to November 17th, 2022 there will be a new product at a special price every day for 24 hours. You don't necessarily have to be quick here, but you should have placed the order within 24 hours. After that, it's time for another model and the shoes of the day will continue to be sold at the regular Bandoneón list price.

That's not all!

In addition, new shoes from Madame Pivot and Monsieur Pivot arrive every day our “ Magic Sale ” category.

These will stay there until they sell out. So you have to be quick here because the shoes are limited. Single pairs from our treasury. So: set your alarm because new treasures will be reset at midnight.

To see the shoe of the day follow us on Instagram @bandoneon_tanzschuh

You don't have to be quick here, but you can't oversleep either. These shoes are available at a special price for 24 hours only. You can find the shoe of the day in the Sale category for only 24 hours!

If the shoes are not in stock, we will order them for you. Then drink tea and wait until the shoes are with you.

Finally, a thank you to all customers who have supported us for years!