Neue Trainingsschuhe für Damen

New training shoes for women

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We've waited a long time for feminine training shoes for tango dancers.

A new model from Madame Pivot is here: Francine. Just as the design of the Derbies is reminiscent of the Derbies for men, the design of Francine is very similar to the Francis for men. However, the shape and fit of the two women's exercise shoes is not the same as the men's models. Example: A pair of Derbies and a pair of Derbies in size 38 are not the same!

A few notes about our women's training shoes

- Francines have a more feminine line and fit better on narrow to normal feet: Derbies have a unisex style and fit better on normal to wide feet.

- Both Derbies and Francine are only available in standard sizes. For example, if you wear tango shoes size 38, I suggest you take an additional size for the francine.

- Derbies and Francine have two sole options, suede and rubber sole,

- Rallies, our comfortable training sandals, have a 70mm coil heel and a padded insole that "reduces" the height of the heel like a kind of mini platform. On your feet they actually feel like a pair of sandals with a 60mm heel. At Bandoneón we also offer an even lower version with a 50mm heel. This offer will be expanded over time.