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DIXIE STREET Pelle cuoio
Madame PivotDIXIE STREET Pelle cuoio
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MELBY Pelle Caramel MELBY Pelle Caramel
Madame PivotMELBY Pelle Caramel
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MORENA STREET Camoscio Aragosta MORENA STREET Camoscio Aragosta
Madame PivotMORENA STREET Camoscio Aragosta
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MORENA STREET Camoscio Lemon MORENA STREET Camoscio Lemon
Madame PivotMORENA STREET Camoscio Lemon
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Madame PivotMORENA STREET Camoscio Nero
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MORENA STREET Camoscio Neutro MORENA STREET Camoscio Neutro
Madame PivotMORENA STREET Camoscio Neutro
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Madame PivotMORENA STREET Denim Blu
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Quality & Style

The beautiful summer sandals are of high quality in the usual Madame Pivot quality, durable and very comfortable thanks to the fit that has been developed over a long period of time. Everything fits together here: sole to heel, heel to last, last to foot. Particularly noteworthy is the stable support that Madame Pivot has over many conventional shoe manufacturers thanks to her many years of experience as a dance shoe manufacturer.

In addition to the edge in comfort, Madame Pivot has a feature that only a few manufacturers have today - all shoes are made by hand in Italy from design to production.

The Diana, Gioia, Ramona, Morena and Dixie sandals are wonderful for everyday wear.

Many Madame Pivot fans already know Diana as an elegant companion on the dance floor - now the versatile heeled sandal with the harmonious swing of its straps also impresses us in the street collection! As a street model, Diana has a block heel, which is available in either cork or white leather. The cork insole ensures lightness and pleasant elasticity and does not lose its shape even after frequent wear.
Diana is available with straps in white (to the white heel) and brown (to the cork heel).

Many dancers also know Gioia from the Madame Pivot dance collection. The street version from Gioia translates the characteristic strap lacing into a slightly wider version that can also be worn in everyday life, without losing its appeal.

The block heel ensures comfort even when worn for long periods of time, and the embossing in the leather gives the whole thing a sophisticated look. In any case, we understand why this model is called "Gioia'", meaning joy in German!
Gioia is available in cream white and blue, each with a 7.5 cm block heel.

Have you ever wanted to know what it feels like to strike gold? Madame Pivot's Ramona Street comes in fresh colors and with a gold-laminated block heel - perfect for anyone who wants to feel like a queen in everyday life.
Handmade in Italy from soft goatskin, Ramona is available in turquoise, pink and black, each with a 7.5cm block heel.

Madame Pivots Morena is a modern, cheerful summer sandal with straps and a 7.5 cm block heel. The model is made of suede, although there is also a denim version with a dark denim upper. Morena is available in the following colors: Black, Light Red, Beige, Purple, Lemon Yellow and Denim Blu and, like all Madame Pivot shoes, is handmade in Italy.

Madame Pivot's Dixie Street is an open strap sandal whose classic design gives the foot an elegant curve. It is available in blue (heel: blue-beige-brown stripes) and brown (heel: cork) and each has a 7.5 cm block heel. Like every Madame Pivot shoe, Dixie is a quality product designed and handmade in Italy. Dixie combines comfort, Italian craftsmanship and design in a shoe that you can enjoy for a long time.

Available models - Closed shoes

With Jacqueline, Grace and Melby you can make your big appearance in the evening or on special occasions - or of course at any time in everyday life when you feel like having a companion at your feet.

Jacqueline, whose classic shape and neutral coloring in elegant nude-colored patent leather can be combined very well, not only sets accents with colorful, sparkling heels, but is also available in a stylish silver, glittering version. Jacqueline is undoubtedly an eye-catcher in old pink patent leather with a block heel in a charming leopard look.

Grace, a closed shoe with a slim heel, is the quintessence of an elegant classic that looks good on all kinds of occasions and outfits.
Grace is made of patent leather and is available in black, nude and a delicate gray.

Many of us know Mary Janes from our childhood in the form of flat strap shoes. Madame Pivot takes the typical elements of the strap shoe, closed toe cap and a strap with a buckle over the instep and turns it into Melby, a fashionable heel shoe. Shoes with straps sometimes have the property of visually shortening the leg - not so Melby!
The elegant color palette includes nude, caramel, tortora and stretches the leg with its neutral coloring.