Madame Pivot-Tanzschuhe made in Italy

Madame Pivot dance shoes made in Italy

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In 2007, two tango dancer friends from Florence came up with the brilliant idea of ​​producing tango shoes. Ideal conditions for sustainable local production and precise knowledge of the needs of tango dancers brought the first tango shoes onto the market shortly after the company “Madame Pivot” was founded, which quickly won hearts in Italy and gradually in other European countries and feet of the tango dancers.

The company, based near Florence, has the shoes produced in various factories in Tuscany and brands. Madame Pivot also invests in this small family business in order to buy special machines that allow  to create new and better shoes for our customers. Madame Pivot contributes to this tradition of shoe manufacturing in Italy  preserved. 

Initially open-front tango shoes for women with slim heels were produced, later tango shoes with smaller Roccheto heels, versions with suede soles or rubber soles, shoes closed at the front, vegan shoes and summer sandals. Equipped with a “brilliant” in the left heel, Madame Pivot shoes shine on all dance floors.


Madame Pivot produces shoes in many variations and, in addition to the basic collection, there are always new limited collections throughout the year.

Sizes women's shoes: 33 to 43, no half sizes

Shapes: narrow, flat, standard, wide. If necessary and by arrangement, extra-narrow and extra-wide

Sole material: suede, smooth leather or Tunit (vegan). Some models have the rubber sole option.

Heel height: 5cm, 7.5cm, 8cm, 8.5cm and 10.5cm

The models with suede soles are lighter and slightly more flexible than the shoes with a smooth leather sole. These are often preferred by professional dancers and are also a surprising discovery for salsa dancers. 

Madame Pivot shoes have high-quality comfort - padding in the ball area. This does not lose its shape and offers a very good hold.

There are two widths for men's shoes: standard and wide

Soles: smooth leather, suede

The sizes range from 38 to 48, also in half sizes.

At Bandoneón there is a large selection of models in different widths and heel heights. We always have around 900 pairs in stock. We can order variants that are not in stock. 

Madame Pivot produces to order. This means we can produce sustainably, no materials and resources are wasted and prices remain stable. 

The delivery time for models not in stock is usually three weeks. But it can sometimes take up to 8 weeks.