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Madame PivotRALLIES T50MM Denim
Sale price€160,00
Madame PivotRALLIES Denim Blu
Sale price€160,00
RALLIES Nappa Nera RALLIES Nappa Nera
Madame PivotRALLIES Nappa Nera
Sale price€160,00
RALLIES Nappa Neutra RALLIES Nappa Neutra
RALLIES Nappa Rossa RALLIES Nappa Rossa
Madame PivotRALLIES Nappa Rossa
Sale price€160,00
RALLIES T50 MM Nappa Nera RALLIES T50 MM Nappa Nera
RALLIES T50 MM Nappa Neutra RALLIES T50 MM Nappa Neutra
RALLIES T50 MM Nappa Rossa RALLIES T50 MM Nappa Rossa

One model, many variants

To ensure outstanding comfort for every foot, the marathon dance shoes with the “Rocchetto” coil heel are available in four widths:

• narrow
• flat
• Default
• far

To suit different floor coverings and dance needs, the sole is available in two leather variants:

• Smooth leather
• Suede

In addition to being used in tango, rallies are also suitable for salsa dancing. Since spring 2022, Madame Pivot has also been offering the Rallies with a new flat 50 mm heel.

Quality Made in Italy

With a shoe from Madame Pivot you are buying a quality product that is designed and handmade in Italy. Madame Pivot combines comfort, Italian craftsmanship and design in a shoe that you can enjoy for a long time. The rallies delight a large number of dancers due to the selection of widths available.

We would be happy to advise you personally on the available variants of the rallies and help you find the perfect shoe for you!